User's guide



Geocaching4Locus needs your account to be able download Geocaches. The sign in is performed via Single Sign-on mechanism on website, which guarantee that no 3rd party application will get your password. The app only get an access token to use Live Geocaching API with your account, nothing more. The access token can be always revoked in your account settings.

  • Sign in or Sign out – Show the Sign in dialog to enter credentials or do the Sign out of current user.


Following filters are used in searching nearest Geocaches and for Live map (note: distance filter isn't used for Live map).

  • Cache types – You can select specific type of Geocache. If you don't select any geocache type, all types will be used.
  • Container size – You can select specific sizes of container. If you don't select any container size, all sizes will be used.
  • Difficulty – Minimum and maximum difficulty rating which the Geocache must met.
  • Terrain – Minimum and maximum terrain rating which the Geocache must met.
  • Show found – Include already found Geocaches.
  • Show own hidden – Include your own hidden Geocaches.
  • Show disabled – Include disabled Geocaches.
  • Distance – Maximum distance from search point that Geocache must met.

Warning: For basic membership is there a few restrictions. These users can't choose Geocache types, Container size, Difficulty and Terrain filters.

Live map

  • Disabled notification – When periodic updates are allowed in Locus Map, this show the Live map notification even if the Live map feature is disabled in Geocaching4Locus add-on. This allows user to enable Live map feature directly from notification.
  • Download hint – Live map use simple Geocache details details because of speed and network data usage. Unfortunately, simple Geocache details doesn't contains hint, but since version 2.0 there is a new summary request, which contains it (together with Geocache listing, waypoints and trackables). This request is slower and more demanding on data usage.
  • Hide geocaches on disabled – This hide Live map geocaches when Live map is disabled.


  • Basic info only – Download only basic information (Geocache name, type and coordinates).
  • Download rest info on show – If you mark Basic info only checkbox, you can specify how will be downloaded rest informations when you open a Geocache info dialog in Locus:
    • Once – Rest informations about Geocache will be downloaded only once and will be stored in Locus. In any next opening a dialog will be used this informations.
    • Always – Rest informations will be downloaded always again.
    • Never – Only basic information about Geocache will be used in a Geocache dialog. Anyway always you can manually update Geocache to get rest informations.
  • Count of logs – Maximum count of logs to be downloaded with a Geocache.
  • Download logs update cache – The Geocache dialog action “Download logs” download up to 100 logs data only. This choice arrange that also other Geocache data will be updated.
  • Step size for count of caches – Since version 1.5.5 was changed the limit how many Geocaches you want to download in nearest Geocaches dialog. Together with this was also changed a step size in selection for count of Geocaches dialog from 1 to 10. This choice allows to change a step size back to 1 or keep it on 10.
  • Disable DNF, NM and NA caches – When is checked this mark geocache as not available when contains several Did Not Found, Needs Maintenance or Needs Archived logs.
    • How many last logs to check – Specify how many last logs must have these log types.


  • Imperial units – This switch between metric and imperial units used in Distance filter.


  • Send Feedback – This is preferred option for sending Feedback via E-mail for this application. The e-mail also contains information about your phone, app logs, app settings, etc. Without your password and access token will be sent.