User's guide


How to add add-on functions to Locus Map panels

Locus Map contains feature to modify icons in a top or side panel. Geocaching4Locus add-on currently supports these functions to be added into this panels:

  • Nearest caches
  • Import from GC code
  • Import bookmarks
  • Import Live map geocaches
  • Geocaching4Locus (dashboard)

When you use Nearest caches function, Locus Map provide map-center location and coordinates in Nearest caches window are pre-filled. The same functionality works also when you use Nearest caches from Geocaching4Locus dashboard and dashboard is started from Locus Map.

To modify icons in panels, touch on Add button (button with plus symbol).

Tip: Another way how to get this panel setting is via Locus Map settings: Settings → Map – control & panels → Set functions panels (under MAP SCREEN – PANELS section).

Dragging icon you can choose an order of functions in a panel(s).

With Add function to panel select function which you want to add. For more functions repeat this operation. With Add link to app you can add any app to panel. For Geocahing4Locus functions please use Add function to panel. Only with this choice is Locus Map able to provide additional information (e.g. coordinates) for add-on.

Closing this panel setting dialog you return back to map screen.

Creating final location waypoint from corrected coordinates

On Geocache page ( you can change or correct the coordinates only for you. The add-on can detect this corrected coordinates and during downloading Geocache, create a new waypoint with final location type.

Tip: Locus Map by your setting (Settings → Geocaching → Global → Move to final waypoint) can use final location as coordinates for a Geocache when place cache icon on a map.

Creating user waypoints from personal Geocache note (PM only)

Geocaching4Locus is able to automatically recognize coordinates started by cardinal point (e.g., N 49° 44.838 E 013° 22.674) in a personal Geocache note and add them to waypoints. The waypoint name can be specified too if on a same line before coordinates is written waypoint name followed by colon:

The rest text after coordinates is ignored (if doesn't contains next coordinates).

Tip: Degrees, minutes or seconds symbol in coordinates isn't required, only cardinal point (N/S and E/W) is.